Corrin the Jack

A tough jack who explores dark places.


Born is Shallamas, Corrin was taken in by The Order of Night at the age of five. He was trained to be a counter agent against the Provani Shadowlings, neutralizing the rulers corp of infiltrators. He came to realize the Order was just as bad as the Shadowlings and one day slipped into the city and never returned.

He made his way to Draolis and took up a new life as a Numenera hunter. The skills he learned from The Order served him well in the dark places of the world and he quickly made a name for himself as a Jack who could be counted on when the odds were against him. His discovery and sale of Numenera, however, drew the attention of the Order of Night, who didn’t take kindly to “family” leaving the home. Since a year ago the Nightblades, the elite of the Order have been sending operatives after Corrin for fear that he may train others in their secret arts. So far Corrin has been able to defeat the “cousins” sent to eliminate him, but he fears the Nightblades will tire of him defeating their operatives and come after him themselves.

Setting himself up in Qi as a seeker of lost relics and a trader in cyphers and oddities, Corrin has enjoyed a good life since leaving the Order, even if occasionally he must dispatch his “cousins” with his blades or his Collapsing Staff, a cypher he found in an old ruined underground factory/laboratory of some lost culture.

Looking like a metal cylinder about 12cm long and 2.5cm thick, the staff can grow to a length of 1.85m by squeezing the cylinder in the center and can retract by squeezing it a second time in the same place.

Corrin the Jack

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